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  • Iron fencing (or modular iron) is a modern replica of the old wrought iron fencing that was used in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Today, there are 2 types of material to choose from for modular iron: steel or aluminum.

  • Our iron fences are made of high quality galvalume steel that is powder coated with a black or white paint finish. We use steel because aluminum iron fence panels are not strong enough to stand up to our harsh Canadian winters.

  • With fluctuating temperatures and the downpressure of snow as well as the freeze-thaw process, aluminum fence panels get warped downwards. This leaves each panel with a bow in it over time and can look unsightly. Steel is much less susceptible to these winter climate conditions and is therefore a superior product

  • The powder coated paint finish and galvalume steel is the best for protecting against rust. Depending on the environmental conditions and exposure to salt, your iron fence will last 30+ years

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